Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'd like to take a moment to say something about Scott Stream. He was killed earlier this week in Afghanistan. The Chicago Tribune posted a letter written by him, you can read it here...,0,7802298.story

This is how I remember Scott.. He was friendly as hell, and he loved to talk. He had alot of opinions and observations on alot of different topics. I was always glad to see him places because if he was there you never had to worry about not having someone to talk to. He seemed to say nearly everything that came into his head, and if he didn't, that dude sure had ALOT of stuff going on in his head.

He was always willing to help you out however he could, whether it was working on the house, blowing up an unwanted tree, or introducing you to hot Neoga chicks.. and he was the best damn Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master that ever lived. He was a self-proclaimed fan of the artwork of God. He made me read Carlos Casteneda, but I must admit I found Scott telling me about it to be more interesting than reading it myself- although he never would tell me what wind I was. His assessments of people were often right on, I laughed when he had Thom pegged, but was irritated when he was right about me. He could speak with the same kind of color and imagery that he wrote with, but sadly, he was not very good at cooking squirrel.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Acting classes for scumbags..

I've bombed alot of acting auditions lately. Well, I think its unfair to say that I've bombed all of them. Sometimes you just don't get picked because you're taller than the male lead, or they really wanted somebody with more freckles, or you can't play the smart ass friend because the love interest isn't prettier than you.. but i digress.

I need acting lessons. Or somebody to just give me a chance because I know I was good once, and I think I still am but its just that my resume sucks because I haven't done much in awhile.

But I can't afford to expend money on doing the accepted next step and taking acting classes, and I can't afford to spend the time on doing community theatre because I have to spend that time trying to make money.

But I keep going to these auditions. And I keep watching everyone else who competes against me, all the people who already know each other because they all worked on some commercial, all the people who think this is old hat, all the people who absolutely love working with whats-his-face he is so inovative and his work is really a big deal and he's only moderately odd for someone so smart. And eventually I'm going to know all thier tricks, and I'm going to go to the audition that has been waiting for someone like be to walk through that door. I just try not to think about what is going to happen afterwards, whether they are going to call me or not, the potential rejection, and just think about being there and what can I notice and remember. Its like a mini actors' workshop. I love the ones where everyone auditions to the room the most.

I don't know that I have done anything that I have done using the step-by-step, textbook method that they tell you is the way to do it. But I get it done. I'll write a book about it someday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

the centerless universe

Everything I keep trying to write profanes what I think and sounds pompous so I'll just say it with a drive down 1700th near Elliotstown IL and leave it at that.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

towards brighter stars..

We're getting ready to leave tonight for home- Southern Illinois, cornfields and brighter stars than here..
There's something relaxing about being home in Effingham County. Like the weight of who I became later is lifted off of me and its easy to be there.. I'm not going to give you some cliche line of crap that it is simpler there, because even after everywhere I've been since, I'm here to tell you that its not, and that line of thought is so patronizing.. But being in the place you came from, you don't have to think twice about anything, you just react and know you know the right answers.
So I put my nose ring in, and put a funky, non-photoshoot appropriate paint job on my nails (reverse french with OPI Tickle My Francey and My Private Jet) and defy even the Salmonella I picked up yesterday to keep me from getting home.
I'm looking forward to seeing my sister's baby, of course. And to the little things like El Rancherito mexican food- can't get anything like it in TX, ironically, maybe bumming around town with my mom, letting everything we do take forever and not caring, an appearance at Ichabod's, just to see who I see... And we've got a wedding to go to in C-Dale, should see alot of people there that I haven't for awhile.
And it'll be nice to drive alone on a two lane highway, under cold sky and bright stars.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lucky Seven Eleven

I recently discovered that Seven 11's have fruit bowls. And they are (usually) awesome.. although sometimes you have to check and make sure it doesn't look three days old.