Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beauty is the most useless of currencies. It can't be used to buy any of the things you actually want from it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swamp Shoot

I guess when you do a mobile blog, you can't rotate the picture. I shot at Caddo lake yesterday with Walter Workman, and my buddy Roxanna Redfoot. (http://www.modelmayhem.com/761889 She's so cool and pretty and she has the coolest name!)

Here we are canoeing to where we need to be.. Not the most flattering picture, but it was hot and muggy and taken carelessly with a cell phone. Obviously we don't have actual shoot pictures yet.

There's lovely Roxanna!

Being out there got me to wishing that I was seeing it just to see it.. being out there shooting is not the same as being there just to experience it. And everytime I get to see some cool place, i miss Thom..because I wish I could see it with him.

It also got me to missing the way the Eleven Point River smells.. fresh cold springs and caves and sun.

shooting at caddo lake..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just found an online tearsheet from stuff I did forever ago.. http://www.321foto.com/availability.htm I'm going to say thats several pounds and several haircolors ago, lol.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Days of Tequila and Lillies

On Friday night after my show, Thom and our friend Joey (bartender at Vickery) and I made a desperate attempt to catch Hello Lover playing at Club Dada. One of my other friends/Vickery bartenders is in the band..

We ran across the park to the car and flew down 75 to Deep Ellum.. and then, anti-climatically, we parked and walked around looking for the club. We wandered past some sleeping street festival, past salsa clubs and dingy pizza place, past bums, through a landscape that should have probably belonged only to movies. We asked a whole cast of characters where it was, Joey even asked the same cop twice, but to no avail. Fortunately the cop was amused.

We fianally came through a crowd of mohawks and bondage pants and could see it on the other side. But we were five minutes too late, we'd missed the set. Sean was packing up when we got there. We did a couple of shots with him and my boss, who was also there.. i had a coke and Captain as well.. and somewhere between that and our fruitless search for the hottest chick in the bar, I lost track of at least some aspects of sobriety.

Record Hop went on, and the sound assaulted the tiny room with deafening fury. We stood up at the front and side of the stage, not really interacting with each other because the sound made communication rediculous. Everyone was alone with the music. I took a couple of snapshots with my camera.. my foot next to Thom's on the concrete floor, the singer blurring across the screen, a random crowd shot. Lost in the deafness of music, I made a note in my phone- "I hope I remember these snapshots- the last suck of a straw, the half hour of deafness.. the.. oblivion."

I can't remember the last time I could feel the poetry of my own life so intensely.. see the beauty in little pieces of things I see and do and the intricacies of the situations. To be sucking in air like it is something that you can't just get out of thin air. Maybe not since the days of running through a hardee's parking lot in the rain with a girl named Merry. Which is a story I must write soon..

Thom asked if everyone who works at Vickery is a starving artist. Maybe not precisely, but close. Working in a bar is really not a bad gig at all. It has its advantages.. and it offers eternal youth.

The last day of One Day Only..

I just got finished with The Best of One Day Only with Roverdramawerks. Its sort of a theatre festival, lots of short plays. Thats part of why I haven't written in awhile. I'm going to back track later and tell another story..