Friday, March 19, 2010

A Story About Modeling

A wordless account of what goes on before a fashion show, as told by me and the Droid.

Friday, March 5, 2010

the actor's tour of texas

You will see austin for the first time as you race to San Antonio, trying to get to a shoot. You will see it again at 7 one morning, fighting traffic and trusting the gps to get you to an 8 am call time.

  East Texas you will see on your way to auditions in shreeveport. You will ask yourself why you ever agreed to drive four hours to try to get a bit role in a probably retarded movie. You will get up at a rediculous time. On the way back you will face exhaustion. stop for an energy drink, and take the first three sips. Set your alarm and sleep in the sun in the car for 15 minutes. It will be enough to get you through. When you finish that one, stop for another. The countryside is beautiful in the hyper focus youll have.

   Fair Park you will learn quickly. Everytime you go in to your appointments there, you will get lost and then irrate. You will ask yourself why the hell anyone asked you to come here of all places. When you find the building, you will think "oh god.. this is exactly the kind of seedy place my mom pictures me getting killed in.." but you willl go in anyway. Inside it will be nice. You'll get mad again as you try to leave.

  Canton you will see randomly, as you are photographed in a pool of mud. White Rock Lake you will see as you look past a camera, and Grapevine Lake you will see nothing but the glare of sun as you cover your chest with your arms and try not to look like you're wilting. You will see the dramatic hills out past Mesquite from a car full of actresses with your hair in a victory roll, but you will never again be able to figure out where you were. You will sit in expensive restaraunts whose names you won't remember and pick at cold food take after take. You will stand outside in the wind for two hours between two buildings and two scenes. You will shiver as you walk out of some hotel, and you will wait for the Lone Star cab to pass by so you can film a scene that takes place in LA. Later you will look at places and try to remember when and why you were there. You won't be sure.