Thursday, May 21, 2009

Olesya and I in the wardrobe room at the Southwest commercial shoot.

i like to see the

i like to see the Dallas sky dulled down through amber colored lenses.

Shooting a commercial tommorrow

Tomorrow I am shooting a commercial. Actually I am doing a short film and then a commercial. But I'm pretty excited about the commercial.

I'd like to be doing modeling/acting stuff on a daily basis. I'd like to work at that everyday if I could. But I'm not to that point. So everytime I get ready to do something, I kind of go through a bit of a production to get myself in the frame of mind and I guess feel like I'm really doing this for real.. Now that i think about it, that's not that far off from the production my Dad makes when he's cooking supper.. but I digress.

If possible, I like to spend the night before something like this chilling a little bit. I don't drink.. I like to take a bit of a long shower and.. uh.. groom anything that needs it, redo my nails if I need to, cover myself in lotion..
I always make myself a sort of survival kit.. I put all the clothes or whatever i need to bring in there, I always have a nude thong and depending on what I'm doing, a nude strapless bra.. and some awesome Raspberry Sandalwood lotion, and bobby pins and hair bands... and usually bandaids (they're for taping nipples if you must know.) and whatever other beauty type projects I might need. Plus I like to have a magazine in there that I haven't read any of, and maybe the ipod. And always the camera.
Sometimes i like to put some protein bars in there too. i don't generally eat them all the time, just on long shoots and such.

I wonder if I could really do this everyday.. would i always go through this kind of ritual? Or would i just stay in prepared mode all the time. I guess I'll know eventually.

Tommorrow i also get to work with Olesya, my fellow Clutts Agency girl, and it seems, my frequent shooting partner. I think we get used together alot because we are similar enough in shape, but don't look alike. She's dark haired and European. You can see us at

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Say it with pictures..

So I fianally got to shoot with two of my favorites at the same time- Anthony Chiang and Roxanna Redfoot. And I fianally got that smiley shot for Joe, my agent.

Ah this one reminds me of summers spent cruising Mason.. if you don't understand the comment you wouldn't get it if I explained either. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And now for a plug for a friend..

I just modeled for a makeup artists' course with Kristin Colaneri, and we're also going to be working on a horror film next week. She also has her own line of makeup- which is really good stuff! It's professional quality and the prices are not bad either!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Shooting "Shiver"

Today i shot a short student film with Laura Serrato. It was set in the 40's so we had some interesting vintage costumes and hairstyles. I don't want to spoil to much about it so I won't say much.. but here are some pictures I took while filming..